Froggy's Titan HT6

  • The Titan HT6 is designed for a life on the road with a sturdy flight case, powerful heater core and advanced options.

  • Continuous Output: Cover up to 14,000 Cubic Feet Per Minute.

  • Advanced Fluid Sensing Technology: Built in fluid sensing technology that can detect if there is low or no fluid in your machine and automatically turn it off.

  • Super Quiet: The HT6 offers super quiet haze production. With minimal noise even up close.

  • More Control: Advanced digital controls including timer functionality in a simple package.

Froggy's Hyperion SJ8 Superjet

  • 1,700w watts

  • Air compressor for instant CO2 like effect

  • Produces a pyrotechnic-like effect by emitting 40-foot-high blasts of color, fog, and light

  • 24x10w HEX LEDs

  • Dual LED zone control

  • Quick dissipating haze dissipates in under 5 seconds like CO2

Blizzard TourHZ

  • DMX controllable water-based haze machine 

  • Tour-ready all-black ATA-spec flight case 

  • 1,000W heat exchanger, 8,000 cubic ft./minute continuous output