Control Solutions

GrandMA 2 OnPC Command Wing

  • Brings the Popular MA2 platform from consoles to your PC

  • Allows 4 universes of control with 2 physical DMX Outs

  • 6 Playback Faders + 6 Playback Buttons

  • MA2 Command Section

  • More DMX universes and playbacks can be added with the MA2 Fader Wing

GrandMA 2 OnPC Fader Wing

  • Expands the MA2 Command Wing's playback ability by adding an additional 15 Playback Faders and 15 Playback Buttons

  • Expands the MA2 Command Wing's DMX output ability by unlocking 2,048 additional parameters and offering 4 additional physical DMX outputs.

MPC/Obsidian M-Touch

  • The most compact lighting control surface on the market

  • Works with Elation's MPC lighting control software

  • 20 Executors available with a small programming section for easy programming

  • Offers control of up to 4 DMX universes with one Physical DMX output