Moving heads


Martin MAC Viper Profile

  • 1000W Lamp

  • CMY Color Mixing

  • Extremely flat field and excellent projection quality

  • Large 140mm front lens for fat beam looks

  • PLASA award for innovation winner 


Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330

  • 330W lamp Wash Fixture

  • CMY Color Mixing

  • 6.5° to 48° Zoom

  • Rotating Beam Shaper 

  • LDI best debuting product award winner

Chauvet Intimdator Hybrid 140sr

  • True hybrid moving head fitted with an intense 140 W discharge light engine

  • All-in-one light fixture morphs from SPOT to BEAM to WASH effortlessly

  • Dual, overlapping prisms with independent control multiply the beam dynamics

  • Dual gobo wheels allow for gobo morphing and amazing mid-air projections

  • Motorized zoom works in beam, spot and wash modes for ultimate light control


Clay Paky Alpha Profile 800ST

  • 800W discharge lamp

  • 7.6 deg - 55 deg zoom (electronic linear zoom from 11 deg to 55 deg)

  • Stay-Sharp-Zoom function for automatic focusing (patented)

  • CMY color system + color wheel + linear CTO

  • Patented framing system, adjustable over 90 deg

  • Almost silent operation


Clay Paky Mythos2

  • Osram Sirius HRI® 440W X discharge lamp

  • Large 160mm diameter front lens

  • 4°- 50° electronic zoom (Spotlight mode)

  • 2.5° aperture and “pipe” effect (Beam mode)

  • CMY color mixing with gradually fading color wheels

  • Wheel with 18+1 fixed metal gobos

  • 6 beam reducer filters on the gobo wheel

  • Advanced visual effect disc (animation disc)

  • 2 indexable rotating prisms (8-facet and linear 4-facet prism)

  • Frost filter for soft-edge projection​

Blizzard Kryo.Mix CMY

  • 350W lamp Beam/Spot/Wash 3-in-1 Moving Head 

  • CMY Color Mixing and 15 Colors (+White) 

  • 1.5°- 35° Fast Linear Zoom 

  • 2x Gobo Wheels w/Bidirectional Rotation + Shake 

  • Rotating 12/36-Facet Prism 

  • Electronic Focus 

  • 1-18/second Strobe 

  • Variable Electronic Dimmer (0 – 100%) 

Other moving heads are available upon request. Contact us today if you're looking for a fixture not on this list for rental!