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Project Management


Need lighting, audio, staging, lasers, or power for your event?


Want complete production with every aspect from equipment rental to staffing taken care of? If so, we've got you covered! 

What is project management, and how can RK Lighting you help achieve your vision for my event?

Project management is when we handle all aspects of production for your event. Although lighting is our specialty, we have a highly experienced team of lighting, audio, logistics, staging, and laser professionals ready to work on your event. Using our team of experienced professionals and our vast inventory of equipment we can provide full production for your event. 

Managing a project involves a lot! Below you will be walked through the different tasks we take care of to make sure your event has the best production possible.

What is the process from start to finish when we handle the production for your next event?

Initial Meeting

The first step of the process is the an initial meeting with the event planner to determine their vision for the event.

During this meeting our team will ask many questions pertaining to the planner's vision for the event to help give us an idea of what the client's goals are.

Usually this incudes questions such as, "What type of entertainment are you looking for, a DJ or Band?", "Is there a theme for the event?", "Where is the event being held?", and other similar questions. 

This helps us for an idea of what we need to do from a production aspect to make your event the best it can be. 


Visual Design

The second step of the process is the visual design phase. During this phase our design team, production manager, and electrician will do a site survey of the venue with you to determine what is possible in the space. 

After the site visit our design team will create a lighting and stage design that maximizes the use of the space and your budget for lighting. While creating the perfect visual atmosphere for your event.

During the design process our team will send 3D renderings of the visual design for your event for approval. At this time you can discuss the design with our design team, and suggest changes or approve the design.

Entertainment Selection

The third step of the process involves selecting the entertainment for your event. 

Our production manager will discuss with the event planner the entertainment options for your event. 

In most cases, the first choice that has to be made in entertainment selection is whether a band, DJ, or both is preferred. 

Once the type of entertainment is determined our team will work with your event planner to chose the best artist for your event.

Once the artist is chosen our production manager will hire and book the entertainment that was agreed upon.


Final Steps

There is only a few more steps that the event planner needs to be apart of before the day of the event.

Those steps include; working with us to create schedule for the event, make sure everyone involved is on the same page about the entertainment choice, and visual design, and lastly confirming the any financial requirement needed to make the even happen.

After this we point handle the rest!

Starting with contacting the entertainment about their production needs to make sure their rider is fulfilled. This usually includes requirements such as; audio requirement, power requirement, stage dimension requirement, and other similar items the entertainment needs to perform at their best.

After this, we will start working on preparing the production and getting it ready for the day of the event.

Event Day

On the day of the event we will arrive for load-in at the scheduled time. During load-in our team will unload all equipment from the transport vehicles, set up all the equipment, and test it before the doors open for guests. 

During the event the entertainment chosen will provide an unforgettable audio and visual experience for your guests when combined with our pre-determined visual design, crystal clear audio systems, and expert our technicians behind the scenes.

After the event our team will quickly pack up and load-out all equipment, and meet with the event planner to ensure they were satisfied with how the event turned out. 


Our Goal

Our goal when producing an event is to make it an unforgettable experience for those who attend. While making the behind the scenes work the most painless process it can be for the event planner, promoter, and event staff. 

With our years of expertise and our talented team of professionals we are able to make sure your event is the best it can be. While taking the stress of hiring multiple different companies to hand production, finding a team of individuals who can staff the production, and making sure the production goes smoothly off off of your shoulders as an event planner.

Let us make your life as easy as it a can be, and contact us today to see what we can do to take your even to the next level.

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